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A special medical research committee led by Dr. Milbank Johnson at the University of Southern California did a 3-month study to test the effectiveness of an electronic ray tube device for cancer. They treated 16 patients which were all pronounced cured after 91 days according to the documented results. If you are interested in understanding this disease, what causes it and how to eliminate the cause; the following two articles address these issues. These articles are not approved by the American Medical Association and are not provided to treat, prevent or cure any disease. It is only information regarding the nature of the disease and some historical information regarding what some have done to alter conditions in their body so it can return to homeostasis. A licensed medical professional is the only one legally able to treat, prevent or cure any disease and the author of these articles does not qualify in this respect.



Cancer is caused by a pleomorphic pathogen having 4 distinct stages. It has been known for over 70 years that the stage of the pathogen is determined by the pH of the surrounding tissue. Later research has discovered that three other conditions must also exist in the body for the cancer pathogen to exist, there. Each of the four conditions will be discussed in the four parts following this introduction. Once we understand these conditions, we can address their removal and any additional items that might be needed.


pH is defined as the negative log of the hydrogen ion concentration although it has nothing to do with hydrogen. The definition was created in 1906 by chemists who needed the smallest common denominator, the smallest element of charge by which all others could be identified. For this reason, hydrogen was chosen because it has only one electron, the smallest element of charge.

pH, however, has to do with electrons, not hydrogen. It identifies the acidity or alkalinity of a liquid. A pH of 7 is defined as neutral. Lower is acidic. Higher is alkaline. Acids lack electrons which are negative. Therefore acids have a positive charge which attracts alkaline liquids which are negative.

It was discovered in a bio-medical research laboratory in La Jolla, California that when electrons are removed from a particular fungus by immersing it in a more acidic liquid, it changes form from a fungus to a monococoid life form. Further electron removal causes it to change to a yet different form named the BY virus and, then, to a BX virus which is the most aggressive form of cancer. Experiments were done over 100 times to verify that changing the pH would change the cancer virus from the BX form to the fungus and back, again.

So now we know that cancer can start as a simple fungus and become deadly as a result of pH change. The next part will deal with oxygen and the part it plays in the proliferation of the cancer pathogen.


The oxygen content of the air in industrialized areas of the world is dramatically lower than it was 100 or even 20 years ago. This has contributed greatly to the rise of cancer and other diseases in recent years.

Nearly all disease-causing micro-organisms, including the cancer pathogen, are anaerobic, meaning that they require an oxygen-free environment to exist. So, when the body is not getting enough oxygen to saturate the entire body, then areas are available for the cancer pathogen to exist in any of its four forms. This is typically the case in areas of the body that have collected toxic chemicals, and will be addressed in the next section of this document. Smokers are particularly at risk since the smoke debris that have collected in their lungs blocks the transfer of oxygen to the bloodstream and the debris, itself, can create oxygen-free areas for the cancer pathogen to exist.

Anemia caused by inadequate iron in the blood can be another contributing factor because of the inability of the red cells to carry the oxygen without iron. Rouleaux or clumping of the red cells also inhibits oxygen transfer as does poor circulation, low blood pressure, etc. Anything that restricts access to, or transfer of, oxygen to the cells of the body can create an oxygen-free environment for cancer to exist.


Dr. Hulda Clark cites toxicity as the cause of cancer and many other diseases. You can read about this in her books “The Cure for all Cancers” and “The Cure for all Diseases”. Toxicity is the accumulation of foreign substances in the body that are difficult for it to eliminate. They act as, or have the effect of, a poison because they exclude oxygen and nutrients that healthy cells need to function properly. Examples of substances that cause toxicity in the body are canola oil, monosodium glutamate, Splenda, Nutra Sweet, sodium laurel sulfate, silver (mercury) fillings, chlorine, fluoride, bromines, pesticides and most aromatic hydrocarbons such as methyl alcohol, paint solvents, cleaners and air fresheners. The EPA has identified hundreds of carcinogens in our environment by (lack of) virtue of their toxicity in the body.

In addition to non-food substances causing toxicity, food can do the same in the colon when it can’t be eliminated properly through normal functioning. Meat is a good example. When there is not enough fiber in the diet, it becomes rancid and excludes oxygen and nutrients needed for the colon tissue to function properly. Any clogged or mal-functioning organ can, also, become toxic from the accumulation of debris that excludes oxygen and nutrients. A common example is a clogged liver from excess antibiotics and/or anesthetics such as acetaminophen.

Often the exclusion of oxygen and nutrients by the toxic substances is accompanied by absence of sufficient electrons to have a healthy (above 6) Ph. As a result, the combination of these three factors give the cancer pathogen a site to multiply and proliferate. The body sometimes encapsulates the toxic substances to create a cyst, which further complicates the problem, giving cancer an ideal nursery.


Our immune system is delegated with the task of identifying foreign invaders and destroying them. It is the best defense we have against viruses such as the BX and BY that are the root cause of cancer. A poorly functioning immune system can be caused by many factors including poor nutrition, lack of oxygen, lack of sleep, a secondary infection or stress that drains the body’s resources.

An often overlooked immune system suppressor is EMF or RF pollution. It can interfere with deep sleep needed for cellular rejuvenation and immune system optimization. And, when strong enough such as a cell phone against the ear, it can interfere directly with neurological processes in the brain so that cells cannot call for help to deal with invaders.

Sugar is a major factor in immune system. It competes with vitamin C for transport sites in the white blood cells and literally strangles the system because it inhibits the white blood cell function. This includes all forms of sugar including high fructose corn syrup that is in almost all prepared foods, now. In addition to reducing white blood cell effectiveness, the excess sugar in the bloodstream provides food for virus, bacteria and Candida to grow and multiply. These can cause the excess stress on the immune system that causes it to perform poorly on any one problem because it has so many to address.


It has been known for over 70 years that cancer is a pathogen that can start out as a fungus, change to a monococoid life form, to a BY and then to a BX virus as a result of losing electrons which acidifies its environment.

The four conditions which must exist for the cancer pathogen to proliferate are: 1. Low pH; 2. Low oxygen; 3. Toxicity; and 4. Suppressed immune system. When we understand these conditions, we can address their removal and continue on to deal with the cancer pathogen, itself.



This addresses what people have done in the past to eliminate the four conditions that must exist for the cancer pathogen to proliferate. In addition, the last section in this article describes an alternative that has been used with great success when eliminating the four conditions does not eliminate the pathogen.


Blood pH is very closely regulated by the body but the pH of other body fluids is not, and can be used to monitor acidity levels. First urine or saliva in the morning are the most popular and most accurate indicators. Vegetables are known to raise pH and meats are known to reduce pH. Fruits and grains can either raise or lower pH depending on the fruit or grain. Several books have been written on this subject and can be consulted for more specific information.

Other ways that people have raised pH include adding electrons directly to the body by drinking alkalized water, operating a negative ion generator nearby and taking Microhydrin. Water filters are available that take electrons from water exiting one outlet and give them to water exiting a different outlet. The result is acidic water from the first outlet and alkaline water from the second outlet. Drinking the alkaline water more than 2 hours after a meal (gives time to digest) adds electrons to the body to alkalize the body chemistry. Microhydrin does essentially the same thing. It was created by Dr. Patrick Flanagan for the purpose of adding electrons to the body. A negative ion generator can, also, be used and acts in a similar manner to add electrons and alkalize the body. Its advantage is that it can be used continuously and cleans the air as it operates.


Low oxygen is probably the most inconvenient the four causes to eliminate. The ways people do it are as follows: 1. They go out into the forest or jungle where the oxygen concentration is higher; 2. They get an oxygen tank from a medical supply store to breathe a higher concentration of oxygen; 3. They take a supplement called germanium sesquioxide. This contains an element with extra oxygen atoms that are released in the body to provide the extra oxygen; 4. They do what I prefer to do and that is to use hydrogen peroxide. This is simply water with an extra oxygen atom. I gargle and brush my teeth with a 3% solution from the drug store. Some like to mix 10 drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in 2 ounces aloe vera juice and drink it three times per day. And, finally; 5. Ozone. This is a gas that can be generated by electronic equipment that is generally not available in the USA. Ozone is an oxygen molecule that has 3 oxygen atoms instead of the usual 2. This makes it unstable so it can easily donate the extra atom to your body. It is so powerful that it can destroy lung tissue in all but the lowest concentrations, but it is so strong, it can destroy all the forms of the cancer or any other micro-organism. It is normally used in a hyperbaric chamber or in drinking water.


There are lots of cleanses available to remove toxicity. You can read about these in the many books available in book stores, health food stores and on line. Cleanses include liver, colon (, gall bladder, kidney, blood and others. In addition, there are established protocols to remove specific toxins from the body including heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, etc.), parasites and others.

Dr. James Howenstine states that ” When zeolite from… captures toxic metals, the zeolite combined with metals is excreted in urine and also becomes part of fecal waste.” Cilantro has been used to remove metals, as well. It is a popular Mexican spice. I like foot pads for detoxing and there are several brands to choose from. Their advantage is that they work while you sleep. I have seen reports of structured water or water engineered to exist in small molecule clusters working very well to detox the body because it can get into smaller places in the body to flush out contaminants. When the body encapsulates toxic substances to create a cyst, however, it can be difficult to remove it without surgery in which case the knife can work very well.


This category has by far the most things to choose from. Many have recovered from a serious illness by doing nothing more than energizing the immune system with herbs, vitamins, essential oils, colostrum, beta glucan, transfer factor and many others. Virtually every nutritional supplement company has products specifically formulated for boosting the immune system and they all work to one degree or another when the user gets enough rest, liquids and bio-available nutrition. Consult your local or on-line health food store for recommendations.

For EMF or RF pollution, one may need to remove a smart meter or modem and router that broadcast frequencies through the living space. And, researchers who deal with the affects of cell phone radiation recommend keeping cell phones at least six inches from the body when operating.

Whatever is taken to support the immune function can be multiplied with cayenne. This herb opens up the capillaries to improve circulation and get more healing power to where it’s needed faster. Anyone can tell it does this because it makes the whole body warm as the capillaries open to increase blood flow.


Some things will work on multiple levels to eliminate more than one cause simultaneously. Raw organic vegetables, herbs and essential oils are in this category. Nutrients from vegetables can help eliminate all four of the previously mentioned causes and are most easily assimilated when processed through a juicer or food processor/mixer such as the Vita Mix. Herbs such as Graviola work more on the immune function and detoxification, while virtually all essential oils support immunity, detoxification and oxygenation.


The aforementioned briefly describes how some have eliminated four out of the five causes of cancer by removing the conditions that must exist for the cancer pathogen to proliferate. Unfortunately, this is not a cure, nor is it medical advice. The cancer pathogen creates its own environment inside tumors that it grows to protect itself from our efforts to destroy it. I have collected testimonies from people that only eliminated one of the four conditions and the cancer went into “spontaneous remission”, however this is not the norm. More often the tumor continues to grow since it is isolated from the bodies Ph, oxygen levels and immune systems. And, eliminating additional toxicity is not helpful since the tumor is isolated and probably growing where toxic substances have already been stored. The next section deals with an alternative that has been used with great success when all of the aforementioned was not enough.


The challenge is that the cancer has isolated itself from the rest of the body’s disease fighting mechanisms. Surgery is the usual method to eliminate tumors when they are accessible and not too numerous. But when Cancer has spread too far for surgery, other options are needed.

As mentioned in the Preface, a technique was devised to accomplish this using an electronic ray tube device that was tested at the University of Southern California. The test proved that the device was able to penetrate the tumors and destroy the cancer in 16 out of 16 terminal cancer victims.

Modern ray tube devices are now available from or by calling (425) 772-2278. These computerized ray tubes use the same principles to target the BX and BY cancer viruses inside tumors. They are not “Rife” devices, as some have called them, since they use very different frequencies and are far more sophisticated than the original “Rife” device. They cannot “cure” any disease since they are not licensed medical doctors and are not approved by the AMA or FDA, but they can be used by private individuals for their own research. They transmit four different forms of energy into the body; light energy, RF energy, plasma energy and a micro-current. These four different energy forms synergistically combine to target the pathogen with frequency. The monococoid and fungus forms of the cancer pathogen can, also, be targeted by changing to the appropriate frequency, or they can be taken care of by removing the other four conditions that allow the pathogens to survive.

Doesn’t the ray tube device eliminate Cancer when it destroys the Cancer pathogen?

No, it’s not a cure because victims won’t stay Cancer free for 5 years unless the other four causes are eliminated, also. All five causes are present in every victim that gets Cancer, but the pathogen inside the tumor cannot be eliminated by just eliminating the other four causes.

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