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Being diagnosed with any kind of cancer generates considerable emotional hardship for the sufferer and their loved ones, especially so in the case of lung cancer because of its a) low survival rates and b) impact on the quality of life for whatever time they have remaining. Even in cases where the patient survives the disease, they will likely have to undergo surgery to remove portions of the affected lung and/or courses of chemotherapy/radiotherapy which themselves carry various side effects such as persistent nausea, hair loss and anaemia.

However, life with cancer needn’t be a constant cycle of doom and gloom. Every year, as many as 12.7 million people are told they are suffering with some form of cancer, and many continue to live happy, fulfilling lives even during their treatments.

To aid them in maintaining a good quality of life, and to provide support and advice where it’s needed, there are several organisations that are dedicated to helping cancer sufferers and their families through the difficult times ahead.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support is a volunteer-run charity organisation that provides nursing and support to those living with cancer as well as fund-raising in order to pay for essential aspects of the battle with the disease (i.e. research and development, emotional support and healthcare).

They can help with very wide spectrum of things, from applying for grants to help cope with the costs of living with cancer to bereavement counselling for those left behind if the worst happens.

Marie Curie Cancer Care

Marie Curie Cancer Care was founded in 1948, and is a charity organisation that seeks to provide free nursing care to terminally ill patients- giving them the opportunity to be cared for in their own homes (something that few terminally ill cancer patients are able to do).

The charity also funds research by seven different teams at UK universities who are perpetually seeking to understand the root causes of (and potential treatments for) cancer.


Mywavelength is a free-to-use internet service that allows sufferers of cancer to contact and support one another by seeking out those who are afflicted with the same type of cancer.

You can post on the MWL network when you need advice (or at least someone to talk to who might be able to identify with the issues you’re having in a way that people without cancer can’t manage) and ask to be contacted through the site.

The Royal Brompton Hospital is one of the world’s leading heart and lung centres, renowned for its expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. If you’re looking for more information about the early symptoms of lung cancer [] visit us today.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer and Screening Guidelines

If you suspect you have or will develop lung cancer, please see your doctor immediately. There is no joke to be laughed about when it comes to things like cancer. Any forms of cancer are just as dangerous. As you may already know, cancers are categorized into two types; malignant (deadly) and benign (harmless). Just, lung cancer is already one of the top killers in most nations. This fact includes developing nations. Now, that is certainly worrying.

What are the warning signs? The signs and symptoms of lung cancer are vague and not specific. This is because some of the possible signs could be dismissed or mistaken as a regular cough (or sore throat). However, as said earlier, do check with your doctor in case of the following symptoms:-

– Persistent cough
– Hoarse voice
– Difficulty in swallowing
– Shortness of breath (even during leisure times, not during exercises)
– Blood in ‘phlegms’
– Ache or pain when breathing or coughing
– Unexplained weight loss and appetite loss

Screening guidelines are still not advanced, despite our technologies in the world today. There are no specific routine tests that a person has to go through. But, you are always encouraged to go for a health examination to rule out any possible problems. Hopefully, it would not be lung cancer.

Whether you are a family man, healthy young man, or retiree, do not take this form of cancer lightly. It can be considered a top silent killer among many countries for many centuries.

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